Kupa's Modular UltraNote Tablet Runs Windows 8, Looks Good on Paper



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I find it interesting that we can find these 1920x1200 IPS displays in tablet on a regular basis, but you'd be hard pressed to find a desktop monitor with the same resolution and panel type, especially at less than $300. I know it's because of the size of the monitor, but still...



I don't know about this thing. It looks like a gadget to me. Too many little parts to lose.



This would give me a reason to buy a tablet. I'll have to look into it soon!


Philippe Lemay

One of the primary reasons the pre-iPad tablets (the whole Tablet PCs) never took off was the exorbitant prices. I'm glad they've brought it down a bit since then, but... we're still talking about things that are twice as much as an introductory iPad in most cases. And 3 times as the mid-range tabs like the Fire.

Really, it's going to depend on the corporate industry's adoption to determine whether these take off. And I suspect most companies are going to contend themselves to conventional powerful laptops with actual keyboards... I love my iPad, but I don't fool myself, it's a toy.



"They're" starting to "get it" people. Good products just might be on the horizon.



Very cool and very interesting, I will definitely do some reading on this before purchasing my first Windows 8 device.

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