Korean Broadband to Reach 1Gbps Speeds by 2012



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Awesome post! Interesting info to know.




anyone knows any korean isp here in the philippines? can you you give me some information how to contact them? thanks...



Thanks for the insightful comments, it did give me a little more information than what I had prior to reading this article, for I thought the only reason why we had such crappy net service

(even though we’re “supposed” to be the latest and greatest in science and technology)
was plain and simple greed.



1.  Capitalism

2.  The U.S. is 3.79 million Sq. miles and Korea is 85K Sq. miles (44 times smaller)


Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



  Sensational info. I look forward to seeing more.

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Hello, if you wanna know how bad the ISP here in Philippines then I'll tell you guys what happened to me last month. Last year, Oct 08 I submit a petition to disconnect my phone line but not the internet connection because I'm running a small internet shop here in the Philippines. Because of the hefty bills, I have no choice but to disconnect the phone line and continue the internet service which is 1Mbps sharing through my 10 units of PC's. Imagine? I know, I know, it really sucks and mind you, 1Mbps is $75 a month in here which is not even worth it when in other countries are having a blast of speed that we cannot imagine.

So we continue to my story, my phone line instantly cut of service upon my request. Just last month, January 11, 2009 my internet suddenly stops. I called the customer care hotline and I was shocked that my ISP disconnected my internet connection that they thought I also request disconnection for my internet also. It's so frustrating on how I manage to find a way just to solve my problem. Because my ISP is saying that I cannot reconnect because my area is full of broadband users already which by default is not my fault because they are the ones who kick me out of service. 

 I finally found a solution which is I have a friend working with the company and manage to pull off to plug me again. I know that if I'm residing in other countries then I could have filed a case against the company, but here in the Philippines its a different story. You can't do that here, you can't sue just like in the US.


So that's my story, Philippine internet service is by far the worst, not only having the slowest speed, we also have the high price for the slowest connection.  

I'm just sharing my awful experience because I can't hardly imagine why you guys whine about your bandwidths speed where don't you think that other countries like us here have much more problem than you do.



I agree its just not fair for US internet users to use the bogged down dribble thats called high speed internet...



Great post! Thanks for the information.

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If I remember correctly, I think that they're working on standardizing rates that should bring the speeds that people can access (hopefully making overall speeds faster). Legislation fail for taking so long to come up with "internet quality standards".


Hey Maximum PC Staff, I have a request and a possible grammatical correction:

Request: Could you find a story on Internet quality across the country? How badly do internet access and rates suck?

Possible Grammatical Correction: "For a frame of reference, that’s 200 times as fast as the average 5Mbps DSL connection here in the United States."


I think that this may be: "For a frame of reference, that's 200 times FASTER THAN the average 5Mbps DSL connection here in the United States."

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