Kobo eReader Available for Pre-Order, Ships in Time for Father's Day



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I am sorry but 1GB is just not enough. I wanted it to read comic or jpg/png files and I need a hell lot of space for them. And and and does it support forigen languages like Chinese characters? 

 And in no way am I getting the whole review on this thing in the web addy that's linked.

I need a reader that actually works. 



I've seen the displays for Kobo at Indigo and World's Biggest Bookstore  in Toronto, so that's the provider up here, I guess.

No telling, as far as I could see, if the Kobo in Canada will include the 'free' books that Borders is providing, but regardless - at the risk of being considered a remnant of the last century, I just don't 'get' standalone electronic book readers. They're fragile, pricey ('even' at $149 for the Kobo), often rely on provider-specific download sites and offer none of the charm of even the trashiest cheap paperback.


Keith E. Whisman

This is the one and only time you are ever going to hear me say that one gig of storage is plenty. 512MB can hold lots of ebooks and a gig can hold even lots more. If it's only an E Book Reader then it's plenty. If it's something that has more than one purpose like the Ipad then I'd scream,



i wish this reader came out sooner, so i could read some reviews first. the price point is tolerable, and the features it has seems pretty nice for that price of 150$. i notice all of the readers' sites use online stores for books and stuff. does that mean i can't put say, a PDF of last month's MaxPC issue on it (well, the accompanied SD card, anyways) downloaded from this site?

i wonder how it does with fan-translated manga/manga scans downloaded from the internet. i do not imagine there being a problem, since most are B&W, but if it works (by turning thos scand into a PDF), i might invest in a reader sooner than hoped.



  A decent PDF e-book reader is what I have been waiting for. And waiting, and waiting... The current crop of e-book readers are all just too small a screen. The PDF gets scrunched down to unreadable print. Even sideways, it still does not work.

  Just have to wait until a reader with a SCREEN the size of a sheet of paper comes along. That will be a BIG reader form factor though, so I am not hopeful.

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