Kneber Botnet Follows in Conficker's Footsteps



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Today my step dad comes into work and tells me his comp at home is infected and from what he told me I am worried that this is what they got. Any extra advice or steps I need to take other than normal malware removal? 



Hope they put in team 11108! LOL


Sebie Kay

Perhaps Confliker and Kneber were made by the same person/group.  Confliker, as we can tell, doesn't really do anything.  So perhaps it was a test run of programing:  Fool the security companies into reveling their hands about how they combat certain threats.  Thus, Kneber and future rouge programs can avoid or work around those threats.


Is this possible?  I think so.  Given the increase with cyber crimes and the economy taking it's dump, these crooks are looking into long term plan, not JUST thinking of making a quick buck.  After all, lots of these rouge programs are made by structured organizations that have one plan:  make profit.

-=Do unto others... THEN RUN!!=-



that is the most paranoid, yet possible comment on a virus topic I have ever seen. Sounts like the makings of a good book.  

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