Klipsch Revives Popular ProMedia 2.1 Speakers with a Wireless Twist



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I still love/use my GDX 5.1's, in spite of MPC's review of them...

I love that I have one SPDIF, instead of 6 wires going into the back of my PC (and my xbox360)... but the nest of wires coming out of the woofer IS a drag.

Every time I see something about wireless audio, I wonder what happened to all optical cabling?

I'd much rather have the ability to have 100+ feet of cabling (so it's all hidden in the walls), with Zero worries about interference or attenuation.

The interference my digital television picks up from the Neighbor kid's CB and my other neighbor's lawnmower, has pretty much shown me that interference is a Real Bitch --and all around me.

Plus, what's the point of 'wireless,' if each speaker still needs a power jack or battery? (I would burn through bushels of batteries...)



I have the old wired ones since they came out. They are still awsome and sound great..but I still wish they would have put the on/off button up top.. I have gotten really good at turning them off with my toes though ;-)



Since it uses USB, doesn't it obviate your soundcard?  While I'm sure the speakers are great, can the sound be anything special?  I've used USB speakers before and even a cheap soundcard sounds better.  We need MPC to do a review, because these sound good in theory, but I don't see how well it can be carried out.



$199! $50 more for wireless but essentially the same speaker as the wired one?!?!



Though I'm not too sure about the wireless thingamabob. I still use my THX-cert 2.1 pro-media's and other than a slightly scratchy pot on the volume knob, these still sound absolutely wonderful.

Someday I'll order some fader lube and fix that volume potentiometer.



I have owned a set of ProMedia 4.1 speakers since the year after they were introduced, and they still sound fantastic and work wonderfully. They've survived three separate moves in that period, with almost no wear to show.

If Klipsch can match the quality of the originals, I highly recommend their speakers.



I hear you there! A few of my friends have the Klipsch speakers and love them to this day. I'm still rockin' my Logitech Z-680's. Just like you they've survived not only a couple of moves, they are still kickass!

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