Kingston Unveils HyperX 'Plug and Play' Memory for Sandy Bridge



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Hmmm, I did not realize that, but I just moved to an ASRock p67 Extreme 4 and my G.Skill Ripjaws (not optimized for Sandy Bridge) were throwing some wierd errors and it would not pass 1 benchmark in Prime95. This would only happen when I loaded the XMP Memory Profiles for 1600mHz. I wound up increasing the voltage from the factory spec of 1.5v to 1.575 and now its rock solid. I thought I may have had bad sticks, or maybe that ASRocks voltage values in the bios weren't accurate.



Thats pretty sweet, but if your paying a for the feature and it doesn't work then what?? Would it be wasted money...? I guess I won't buy until its been the early adopters.


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