Kingston Readies Water Cooled Memory Kit



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 I am not new to liquid cooling (I am typing this comment on a liquid cooled machine in fact), but I have no idea how you would chain these together without the tubing kinking...  Anyone know?  I know you can loop it around to the other side of the next stick, but that seems like a lot of extra cable...



Perhaps there will be only one input and one output for the tubing. I can only imagine a proprietary linking system in which a solid piece of metal is used to connect the ram sticks. Kind of like this:








Except, you know, not in text and a lot more straight =D. his was an overhead view, btw. I = Input, O = Output.

That would seem to solve the dilemma if you ask me... another piece of hardware that is a complete gimmick, yes, but it would be a sexy piece of hardware. Who **** else has water cooled ram?



I don't see ram needing water cooling that badly. Way to go marketing gimmicks.



Yeah I thought DDR3 ran cooler than DDR2, but then again, I've never had my hands on any DDR3.

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