Kingston Adds a 'Predator' to HyperX Memory Family



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Maybe I'm just not 'enthusiast enough'... but I see so many dimishing returns for premium RAM in the past few years, I wonder... why bother?
Between mid-grade and high-end, sure you can cite differences on how the high-end is better, but are the gains worth the cost? Are the gains really noticeable? When you're playing a game at ~100fps, and faster RAM might eek you to ~105-110fps... who cares? It's benchmark worthy only and really won't help in most situations. Coming from DDR2 800 sticks to DDR3 2666... sure, you'd notice a difference. You'd also be on an entirely new and more modern platform.
Maybe it's the cynic in me coming out, but I'm waiting for a real advance in RAM tech instead of the minor tweaking we've experienced the past few years.



Agree with you completely, when I built my first system I wasted a lot of money on top of the line RAM, I couldn't distinguish any difference from the corsair value stuff.

All RAM is fast stuff, and the difference between mid range and enthusiast is simply not perceptible except in synthetic benchmarks.

If you are financially comfortable, sure, why not indulge?
It just reminds me of building a computer for my ex girlfriend, she didn't want the cheaper RAM because she thought it would slow her computer down... /facepalm




So True




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