Kinect Sales Benefit from Black Friday Shoppers



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Why would they compare the number of iPads sold vs. numbers of Kinect sold? They're 2 totally different things, inlcuding the priceranges.

Nontheless, I'm happy they're doing much better than the PS3 Move. The PS3 Move looks appaling to say the least. I think Microsoft has also done a spectacular job with their marketing division. They hosted a Kinect convention at the Mall of America a couple months ago - letting people go into showrooms and play with it. On BlackFriday, they also had a Kinect-representative at our local BestBuy answering everyone's questions related to the Kinect. Once they release a serious game for it, I'll probably get the Kinect myself.



STILL shooting for the 5 million mark? soooooooo overzealous, they'll never get that much, I don't see how it's sold as many as it has.  everyone does their christmas shopping on black friday, so however many units sold as of right now (because of black friday) would be the best way of predicting sales, aka not THAT many more are going to be sold, maybe a little over 1 million more.

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