Kinect Reaches Million User Milestone in 10 Days



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I think a lot of people are buying the kinect and don't even own an xbox 360.

A lot of people will get involved in developing open source drivers for this gadget and I think it opens a large opportunity for all sorts of applications, not only gaming.



Microsoft needs to hurry up and figure out how to make the Kinect appeal to the core gamer audience before the glitter and glow wears off. The Wii and Move have a serious advantage over Kinect: BUTTONS!!



I just bought a Kinect more for the future use rather than the games that are out there now. It just seems this box has so much potential. I'm seeing things on the web already that put the Wii remote to shame. Wanting to upgrade my Xbox 360 to run 1080 P, the Kinect was only $100 more with a game. Believe me, I lost a whole lot more money than that on dubious technologies! This may or may not work but boy, if it really takes off, it could really take off.



I have to give props to Microsoft. The PS3 wave-remote or whatever it's called is just plain hilarious looking - and looks outdated already compared to the Kinect. I want the Kinect, but my room is just plain too small to be moving about.



If something cool happens with those drivers, I might be picking one of these up.



'nuff said.  ;)



That's what was said about the Wii controller as well. The Kinect has more potential than the Wii or the Move, as it can be used for more than just gaming.



Knitting?  Seriously, the options of motion detection activities while looking at a screen in your living room are extremely limited.  This will be just a niche novelty just like all the 3D stuff that was crammed down our throats all year and now is finally starting to peter out.

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