Kinect Price Slashed by $40



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I'm still waiting until I can buy a good xBox 360 with Kinect and games for $40



And, the price for the PC version remains the same @ $250.

Sorry MS, not a console fan, and this price ($250 for the PC version) is a little higher than what I want to pay. There just isn't enough benefit to justify buying the version for PCs over using the Xbox version on a PC, which, with the price decrease, is less than half the cost. If I had to buy an Xbox to use it, that would be one thing, but I don't, so there you have it.




The Kinect was an instant hit? I think you mean instant gimmick. I never bought one, but a few friends did, and their Kinects are all covered in dust now.



No price cut for the EMEA? Well then f*ck you, I'll go get a PS3!

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