Kinect Hacked into a 3D Radar



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Keith E. Whisman

That's just awesome and I'm sure Microsoft is just thrilled about this. MS should produce Windows 7 drivers for Kinnect and see what people can do with the device, might as well since people are doing it anyway. 



I think what microsoft's problem is like the xbox 360 it costs more to make than what they sell it for. So they make the money from the games that are sold. Since the pc community wouldn't be buying xbox games they would lose money when people buy the kinect for the computer. On a side note if you want want to take down the 360 and the PS3 just get a bunch of people to buy the console and then not buy any games.



If MS has sold as many Kinects as is being claimed then there are a lot of buyers out there to buy Kinect software (games). And i suspect only a fraction of those millions bought it for its hackability. On a side note, i hope these hackers launch an open source web store for web and desktop games/apps for the Kinect. That'd be super cool. I believe raising funds wouldn't be a problem as there are places like kickstarter for such projects. But this is just a random fantasy.

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