Kinect Hack + Roomba = Gesture Controlled Cleaning



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Wow, sweet!

I'm a tech geek and I'm kind of lazy... so of course I have a rooba. :)

Thing is to use it you have to make sure there isn't a lot on the floor, like say your dining room chairs, or say one of those by the recliner mag racks, what have you. Then it just wanders around so it can take quite awhile for it to clean. I find it's best to prep the room/s to be cleaned and then go bed. In the morning rooba's back in it's charger and the floor is clean. Because of this I find it best just to use it once a week or so and spot vacum as needed during the week.

This is ssooooo cool. Wonder if I can convince the wife that I can only get a Kinect if I get the 360 as well.


Keith E. Whisman

That's actually pretty cool, now you can tell the Roomba to go clean up a mess by just pointing at the mess, how classy is that. I imagine you can go insane waiting for the Roomba to find the mess on it's own. 

Perhaps they can use the Kinnect to control giant robots to finally destroy Godzilla, Mothara, and Gamera. 



This is the first step to Armored Core



This is very cool. Now add the kinect on top of roomba itself and be done with it.

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