Kindle Sales Topped 4 Million in December



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I got the original Kindle 3 years ago as a Christmas present from my wife.  She just got me the Kindle Fire this time around.  I love both poducts and will use them both going forward.  My original Kindle for reading novels;  the Kindle Fire for reading magazines and general multi-media.



I got my wife a KIndle a year ago, she loves it and takes it with her everywhere. She is an avid reader but since getting her Kindle she has not bought a paper book.


I Jedi

I just got my Kindle Fire in the mail, today. It's pretty neat, and I've been thinking about installing Cyanogenmod on it when development for the Kindle Fire becomes mature enough from X.D.A. Although, I kind of like how everything is setup, so I may just stick with what it does now. Definitely worth $200 bucks, especially if you're a college student.



My wife gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas.   While I would have probably chosen a regular Kindle (maybe a touch for book reading) I am really impressed with the Fire.  This is my first experience with a tablet and after all of the reviews about how limited it is, I am fairly pleased.











I can tell you that one of the sales was a Wi-Fi only 6" Kindle Touch (non-ad supported), bought one for my sis for x-mas!



No, but I sure do want one!

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