Kindle Fire Smokes the Competition, Scorches to No. 2 Spot in Tablet Market, IHS iSuppli Says



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The Kindle and the Nook really come to their own when you root them. I am not sure the process of rooting the Fire and how well that is going as I don't own one. But for the Nook Tablet, it is great. I rooted mine the first day I got it. There are a couple of extra clicks involved to get it to look like a full android tablet, but it is working that way. I have installed a bunch of apps on it from the Android and Amazon Marketplaces. I have it playing video files that it normally would not play with the stadard Nook load. Even more interesting, when I load apps from the Android Marketplace, it seems to install them in that reserved memory space for Barnes and Noble content. At least I think it does, still working on confirming that. Still, having a full android tablet for so cheap is awesome. No such luck getting that with Apple.



OK Cupertino Fruits. Time to fire up the patent lawsuits!

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