Kindle Fire Lights Up 95,000 Pre-Order Sales on First Day



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@holly totally did! Too funny! The Kindle Fire looks like it has a dedicated email client though whereas the Playbook only has 3rd party support. This Kindle has a pretty nice price point too.



I want one.


Holly Golightly

Holy Moly that is a lot!!! But Kindle has always been a smashing success since, well since it was first launched. I like the Kindle Fire, I am unsure if it would give me the full experience as a Blackberry Playbook would. I really don't know.



I find it a little odd that you use the Playbook as a case in point for ''full experience''. If anything, it would be iOS and Android devices which properly deliver on that.



She loves the playbook, and  hasn't shut up about it since the price dop (now she thinks they are a good deal). I made the decision long ago to disregard anything and everything she says here, and in fact have come to the conclusion that a better rubric would be to do the opposite of what she says. So has pretty much everyone else. 


Holly Golightly

Umm, the iPad and the Android Honeycombs are not even in the same level as the PlayBook and Kindle Fire. The iPad and Honeycomb tablets are big. On average they are about 10" and are designed with performance  in mind. The Kindle Fire and the Playbook are 7" in size and are designed for ultra portability. You can hold the Playbook and Kindle Fire with one hand while the iPad and Honeycomb tablets require both hands. I can easily fit a 7 incher in my purse while a 10 incher requires a much larger bag. I am only interested in the smaller tablets. Therefore, the choice is only Kindle Fire or Playbook. To compare the Playbook and the Kindle fire. Playbook offers 2 webcams. A fully interactive touch bezel, and a much larger storage space. Kindle Fire has no webcams, bezel might be regular, and it only comes with 8GB of Storages and 5GB free from the Cloud. So to me, it feels somewhat incomplete when comparing both 7 inch tablets side by side... Because they were made at the same factory.

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