Kindle Fire Burns Competition in Android App Usage, Flurry Says



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The crazy bit is that /all/ of the applications that utilize the analytics packages are paid apps, and it's likely that very few of them had any valid need to send or receive data over any network. People should be very upset that their paid applications are phoning home with usage data to third-party advertising agents. Although the blame, of course, lies with the application developers, it is beyond pathetic that Android, with it's highly abstracted runtime platforms, doesn't have facilities to better sandbox applications and protect users from the wanton data-leakage that is happening here.



Damn easy to sideload apps on my Kindle Fire and they available all over the web. I have not even bothered to download anything from the Amazon apps store while I have a couple dozen apps that I have sideloaded. The Fire works a lot better than I expected for such an inexpensive device.



As a developer, Amazon market is horrible to try and get apps through. If they don't change their injection practices the fire may not have many new apps to even run. Devs can't afford to waste up to a month to get an app published or be expected to fix things amazon breaks with code injection.



Yeah, I'm sure that $200 price tag didn't hurt either.

I found my Kindle Fire to be rather useless without rooting it. After having rooted it with a very handy script from xna-developers, I'm happy to own it. Without the Google Android Market, however, the Fire doesn't even compete with my aging HTC Incredible. I'm not a big fan of the Amazon market...

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