Kindle Fire “Special Offer” Home Screen Ads Can Now Be Opted Out of for a $15 Fee



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"...flew in the face of the companies pre-existing policies" - a possessive desguised as a plural?

The Cloud is getting fuzzier, noisier, darker... the spying and the ads are the natural consequence of connectivitis. Fridges will be shouting yogurt brands at your face in the morning before long.



It's a nice move. People who want to save money can see the ads, and people who don't like ads can get what they want. It's all about providing choice for consumers. There will probably be a root and bypass for free within time though.



I have a Kindle keyboard with WIFI that has the home screen offers locked in. Not a problem at all. They are not intrusive, and never show up while I am using the device. So what's the big deal? I think the people who get riled up over this are just a bunch of Don Quixote's. If only standard television (or HULU for the matter) would let me pay fifteen bucks to eliminate ads or better yet only show them between shows. We should be so lucky!



They want me to pay them not to force adds on me. I will never go near any product or software that uses this scheme. Pisses me off big time. Opt out option should be free. After all, they claim few people opt out.



I'm not trying to defend Amazon, but what they are trying to do (in theory) is to sell the tablet as cheap as they can and adding adds would allow them to save $15 on every tablet and they pass the saving to you (so you buy the cheap tablet and not the more expensive ones from their competitors)

But yeah, I think the only time having adds is reasonable is when you are getting something for free (not really free per se) but as soon as you are shelling out money (especially the amount they are asking for the tablet) then there shouldn't be any adds


I Jedi

I'm right on the boat with you, man.



Any device is hackable. Just wait until the KindleFire is hackable, then we won't have to use 'em.

Heck, I can simply read books of my smartphone, or tablet. Same function, except it's a bit more bulkier and expensive if I break it...

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