Kindle to be Available in All Target Stores on June 6th



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I wasn't concerned about buying my Kindle sight unseen from Amazon because they have a great return policy.  Try it and if you don't like it just send it back.

In addition to reaching people to just don't shop online, I would bet that most of the Kindles that sell at Target are purchased as gifts.

Incidently, I think ereaders are all great but try to decide where you are going to get your ebooks from and pick an appropriate reader.


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I bought my Kindle immediately after I had played around with my sister's. It was really amazing to be able to read a 600 page book and not worry about the weight.

The instant built-in dictionary is also very cool.




iam waiting for my Kobo reader to come in the mail, hopefully before vacation so i can use it on the plane. when i preordered it, it was 160$, which is cheaper then the Kindle, so i hope i am not disappointed.



I was excited when i heard a while back that the kindle was heading to target. I have wanted one for a while but the price is just to high at $259. I think now that they are officially in target stores we will see a price drop not to far off.

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