Kickstarter Project Wants To Give Bonobos Language, Wi-Fi Tablets And Watergun-Sporting Robots



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Is there a point to this? Looks like a grad student's way to waste some money.



Some will see this "post PC revolution" as a bold and evolutionary step toward a utopian world where man and ape walk together into Starbucks, in unison downloading songs from iTunes, finger to hairy finger touching our way toward a better future. But don't be fooled apes! Don't give the human transgressors an opportunity to hinder your intellectual growth and freedom with their brightly colored, high-resolution, yet utterly futile finger-toy! Nay, allow the humans to become obsessed, mesmerized, even dumbfounded by the pixels of their own creation! Let them use icons, and soon they will forget words. Let them use fingers and soon they will forget their hands. Let them use steady-state OS and soon they will forget saving. Let them use hidden folders and soon they will forget file systems. Let them hinder their own intellect, and soon, SOON, VERY SOON... the APES SHALL RULE THE EARTH!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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