Kick Off the New Year by Folding@Home for Team Maximum PC!



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You need to plug this client.  Run this advanced client on any machine with 4 or more CPUs (2 real and 2 virtual will work too).  I upgraded my machines that would support it and have cranked up my PPD (points per day) from around 1200 to over 15000.  That's how good thses clients are.  These machines include 2 laptops, a desk top, and a server.  The desktop is a quadcore with hyperthreading.  It regularly produces 11,000 PPD alone!

I now rank as #142 nad climbing on the MaximumPC team.

It would be great if MaximumPC included a folding benchmark with all the other benchmarks it does.



Folding benchmarks are way to inconsistent. because the PPD vary between WUs

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