Key Group of Dell Shareholders Plan To Resist $24.4 Billion Buyout



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Let it go, Mike - who cares! Take your money and chill.



That last paragraph made me chuckle... not many things make me chuckle these days. On the topic of the article, I think we all saw this coming... but honestly do believe this is what's best for the company. The way Dell has been run without him and publicly is disgraceful at best. Shotty products, tagged with horrible customer service; maybe Mike could help pull them out of the gutter.



"The way Dell has been run without him" Excuse me? You do know that Michael Dell IS the CEO of Dell? that their quality issues began before he retired from the company and has only gotten worse under his leadership since he returned to the CEO post several years ago? Dell has not made a compelling, quality, must have product since forever. Which why Lenovo has passed them by in sales, quality, market-share, and vision. Dell is having a hard time keeping their enterprise clients due to the shoddy quality and poor designs of the Latitude line, not to mention they are now more expensive than Thinkpads. Dell can die and I for one will not miss them

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