Kaspersky Security Report Praises Windows, Gives Adobe the Stink Eye



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Holly Golightly

You know what, Kaspersky is right! Most of our computer problems do come from Adobe Flash. To be honest with you, I freaking hate Flash. It is the only program that always needs to be updated. Updated more than the virus-prone Internet Explorer. HTML5 needs a more quicker adoption rate. Java is no better than Flash. Not sure which of the 2 evils I prefer to run. Java is only good for cellphones. Maybe we can see some more changes. Windows is great, but I feel that Linux is more secure. As a gamer, I really don't have much of a choice in terms of OS. Windows is the most supported OS for games. But yeah, Windows 7 is secure, and I am certain Windows 8 will be even better. Kaspersky Antivirus rules!!!!!!!



I prefer Java, only because it's needed to run Minecraft. If it weren't for a few programs like Minecraft or TF2, my system wouldn't have Java on it, or Flash, or Quicktime.

The only thing that sucks about Kaspersky was the CEO's son getting kidnapped.

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