Kaspersky: Fake Antivirus Scareware on the Rise



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"On the rise"? Again?  These things have been equally rampant in hundreds of variants for the past few years(Antivirus 2008, anyone?), I always get a chuckle when articles claim they're "on the rise".  But I'm sure it's more apparent since I'm a PC technician...

It's an easy fix after you've done it once or twice, even the newer ones that infect the MBR.  The MBR-infecting rogues have chilled out in the past month, and I'm mostly getting the easy ones in my shop.

And in reply to Blues:  Yep, there's no limit to the crap. WhiteSmoke translator, for example. That one paves a pathway for the Alureon rootkit. The rogue utilities are the scariest for my clients because they **claim** data loss rather than simple infections. Totally bogus to a keen eye, but end-of-the-world-scary for your average user.



Personally I would consider them on the rise. While they have been around for years you used to have to go to some shady sites or stumble apon a site that has been hacked to get infected. Now they are being distributed through major add programs. I have had several people report infection while surfing major main stream web sites. I myself actually got hit with it while browsing gizmodo on a test machine.

It is a fairly easy fix, and I am usually not effected thanks to adblock and noscript. But I have gotten more than a few panicked calls in the past month because of this crap. Thats just my experience though, I guess it could be a coincidence.



HA! My friend just came over to my apartment last week because he downloaded this!



It's not just fake anti-viruses now; I've seen some computers infected with a virus that was masquerading as a 3rd party defragmentation program.

In regards to Anti-Virus 8 I've seen a couple of variants but removed them all the same. The variants I've seen usually had booting issues associated with it. I would have to use Fixboot and Fixmbr to get the machine to boot, then when I am able to do so Anti-Virus 8 pops up straight away (even in Safe Mode).

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