Kaspersky Awarded Patent for Hardware-based Antivirus Solution



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Will it impact performance?  because it seems that anything that severs the direct link between the computer and the hard drive could hurt performance.  Also, would this be an add-on dongle, or would it be implemented inside the motherboard or the CPU?



I am not very sure how this can really work, but if it does, I would hope it doesnt cost an arm and leg.

That aside at the same time I can see this being sensitive with things other than viruses, such as product keygens and other torrent based scripts.

 I would buy this for my dad, but not myself.

oh and, what about laptops? will they have one that will go in an expansion slot?

 aaaaand, can this nice piece of hardware run crysis??



It can, but only at 31 fps with medium graphics.



 and no AA.

But yeah, sounds good but power users need some kind of control so we can say "yes linuxdistro764413.torrent is a valid file" 

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