Just What Remote Controls Need -- A Netflix Button!



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"Netflix, now primarily a streaming service..."

Since when?  This is there future plan but a majority of their content still remains on disc only.



I'm not really opposed to the Netflix button.  It's unlikely I'll use it, but at this time... well it doesnt truly bug me... yet...   you see, thats how junkware on premanufactured PCs started.  One or two or three or 30 "free" trial programs that eventually overcrowded your PC so bad... It would not run properly.  You bought a PC and you effectively had to re-install a clean copy of the OS to avoid being besieged by so much crap!  Are TVs the next medium that will suffer the crapware invasion? will I buy a new tv that will be so loaded with crap i dont want, need or asked for, that I will literally have to call the manufacturer to learn how to blank it out?  will the manufacturer cooperate? will 2nd or third parties join the fray?  *sigh* Why cant we just get what we want without having to play this game? for every 3 people that actually fall for this marketing thing, 5 end up hating that product/brand.  Stupid.



Just wish Netflix would worry more about getting all of their content available via streaming instead of putting buttons on remotes.

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