Just What Exactly is EVGA's GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2Win Card, Anyway?



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11.5 inches long. I bet the 600w psu in the SG07 mITX case could power it. It looks slightly taller than a standard double PCIE card. Just need to modify the case a little to help cooling.

This is definatly a contender for the best mITX gamer rig GPU. Sigh, and I just bought a 580gtx as part of a mITX rig I'm building, I was so close to going for a mATX and SLI 560ti's and now I see this and I could have had it all. Cruel cruel world.



if you go to the site and watch the youtube video they have clearly thereis a SLI interface, does it work? probably not.... will it work later probably its EVGA

If im not mistaken it will already show up as an SLI card and the option to increase it to 4x sli will most likely become available the same as with the 590 but a 565/585 version>?

good review with folding results and more http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/47962-evga-geforce-gtx-560-ti-2win-dual-gpu-review.html



It doesn't work.  There was a 460 2Win with a similar thing, and EVGA never got it working.



why cant you SLI these?

If not could you at least run 2 of them at the same time? Honestly I dont care if its SLI, that is semantics, can it fold? an will it play crysis 2



One will play crysis 2.

As for running two at a time for folding, you probably can, but will you really spend $500+ just for performance in Folding@Home?



It's only worth it if you plan on stopping there.  You can't SLI these.  In that sense, a 580 is a better idea, because in a few years you can buy a second for an instant, large performance boost.

Also, neither of these can handle 3D surround.  It's a memory problem on the 2Win [1GB isn't enough for 5760x1080 x2 (nvidia has said that 3D effectively doubles the number of pixels by doubling the speed things must be rendered)], and a slot and performance problem on the 580.  If you want 3D surround, you should get SLI 580 3GB's, which isn't cheap.

The best use for this is with a cheap Z68 mobo.  This way, you can save money by skipping slots for SLI.  Another good use is an upgrade for Crossfire Only motherboards, if someone doesn't want to just do crossifre (I'm reaching here), or, like I said, if you don't plan to upgrade through SLI.



I'd stick with the 580, unless you're going to utilize 3D surround.  Save a few bucks, I suppose. 



It's only $30 more for a 30% increase this is definitely worth it.



Two ways to look at it, this card is not strong enough for 3d surround. Straight up. 2gb memory is not enough for 5760x1080 *2 for the 120hz a 1gb card doesn't have enough frame buffer for 5760x1200 and even 2x antialiasing, so for 3d surround this card just won't cut it. However for just surround this card will definitely do the trick. So if you want some green eyefinity without the headache of actual SLI this sounds like a win. Otherwise it seems kinda gimmicky, SLI and crossfire have downsides, so at $30 more if you're on one monitor stick with the single 580, when you're playing your game instead of fighting with application profiles and tweaking your drivers you'll be glad of it.

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