Just Cause 2 Dev: Just Say “No” to Console Ports



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Most PC games, at least in the U.S. are only $39.99. Unless it's a console port, then it's $59.99. The only PC games, and I'm talking big games, that were more than $39.99 in the past year were Mass Effect 2 and Modern Warfare 2. PC Gaming isn't dead, just stagnant. Publishers need to get some balls and make PC games, not just games that will sell cross platform!



Here is why I love PC games and not consoles.

1. I can play anything on my PC from Super Mario Bros - Bad Company 2

2. Mods for games. I may have payed $50 for Half-Life but look at how many other great games I ended up with becuse of mods.

3. Free online play. If they start putting a price on online play like they do with Xbox live you will see PC gameing die faster then a cow with a bullet in his head.

Some of my favorit PC games:

Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, Elder Scroll series.

You console gamers are probably wondering why they are my favorit. Well you can make your own maps or even a whole new game with the tools avalibale for PC. This is why all 3 games are still worth 50 to me.



If the games did NOT cost $50 USD or more there would be no need to borrow (insert sarcastic face here) games from the pirate bay, I think the high price is whats killing the pc gaming market and the will to upgrade the graphics cards, I know the console games are not cheap ether, but who cares, you're reading maximumpc dude.



You'll drop 60 to 70 $ on a console game, but you take issue with the 30 to 50 $ price range on pc games? I think your neural pathways are malfunctioning.



Yea, I can see why for new games but console games cost about the same.  Nonetheless, PC game prices drop much faster than console.  Besides, Steam is a great service provider with weekend or holiday specials.  If you want to save money like me, I just wait a few months then buy the game when a special is on.

But going back to PC gaming in general, I find that PC games are much higher in quality and more prefered games exists.



"Avalanche’s most recent game – while excellent – lacked any discernible PC-only features [...]" That's a flat out lie. Just Cause 2 was completely optimized for a quad core. This is the first game i've played (given i don't play that many pc games because of the price) that has had a completely balanced quad core optimization.  I know there are other games out there that do the same thing, but to say that Avalanche didn't do anything to optimize the game is a complete lie.




 Aside from the hard drive and video card there isn't any important difference between pc/consolde in regards to 90% of games. 

If I could plug a keyboard & mouse into a console and have it actually work with all the games I would have gotten a 360, wii, AND ps3 by now.

But, they don't so I have to stick with what works. And that's plugging an x-box controller into my pc along with racing wheel, flight stick, keyboard and mouse. 



I bet those "sales" figures include the console itself and games, while with the PC it only includes games, and no hardware to speak of. The PC market is still going strong, I mean look at steam, direct2drive, etc, they aren't going bankrupt, they're thriving.

 Yeah, I know some ports suck,  but some others don't. Consider Borderlands, Half-life 2, Supreme Commander 2, Fallout 3, Just Cause 2 (which I thought was pretty good), Red Faction Guerilla, and now even Crysis 2.

PC sales aren't dying, just check the sale of $600 graphics cards and all those deals people get on online game stores.



Half-Life 2 is for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, and Mac OSX

Although, I'm not sure if it was when it was first released. 




Since when was Half-Life 2 a console port?!  lol

I also have to take issue with using Borderlands as an example of a "good"port... that game had a shit ton of SERIOUS issues at release that were a result of being ported.  I don't know if they've been addressed since then with patches but it's completely irrelevant at this point as far as I'm concerned anyway.



Well, I've never played Borderlands on Xbox 360 so I wouldn't know. It's pretty good on PC though.



Half Life 2 isnt a port :|



Yeah online games would be great if EVERYONE had highspeed. There is no love for anyone on dial up.

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