In July, Windows 7 is Up, Mac OSX is Down



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Apple has, more or less, given up as a computer company - preferring instead to produce Content Delivery Devices to their money-spinning iTunes Store - and trusting their traditional fanboy base will continue to buy into whatever computer and OS they produce, regardless of value or functionality.

Apple has given up on the 'I'm a Mac' commercials because, frankly, they are no longer in competition with Microsoft.

That said, Win7, while 'better' that Vista (and that not a great bragging point) is no great shakes, either. Perhaps a natural jumping point for those users using XP, its clear that XP users (at 61.9%) have yet to be shown the point or value (or trust) in that OS.

The alternatives to the above are hobbyist-supported at best, so where is the inspired OS that allows users to do what they want and need to do? I'm about due to get a new computer and my total ennui towards the current crop of OSs and their softwar prevents me from doing so.




Ennui at the OS choices? Seriously, no one gets excited at OS unless its the new flavor just out. If you are holding off getting a new PC because the OS choices don't excite you then you are a dolt. Win XP is old and tired and showing its age. No one is upgrading because they depend on the programs they run and until they can migrate those programs to Win 7 then they will move over. ANd when they do they'll buy a new PC so the old one still soldiers on on XP.

Apple hasn't given up as a PC maker, they sell every Mac they can make even after screen issues and super high mark up. Who just reported record sales and profit? Apple isn't giving up, you will see new ads soon. They are losing market share because the market is finally expanding and everyone is out buying new , cheap PCs. More people will buy a Win 7 PC for $500 than an iMac for $1200, there is no way Macs will compete there. So the market for $500 PCs is growing much faster than the market for $1200 Macs so market share is a poor metric for judging OS quality.



Media folks often blather about Microsoft when in truth it is companies like Acer who are making the hardware so affordable that the operating system as status symbol is becoming harder to justify.  Acquaintance bought a new laptop on a whim the other day for less than 300 dollars at WalMart with Windows 7, Intel I3, not a bad form factor or design and totally suited for what she does with a computer.  It doesn't fold up into a chiclet with an apple logo but it worked immediately for someone with little computer experience.  So much for "it just works" and computers that are designed to look like candies and suppositories.



I think Windows 7 is a fine OS.  I find it to be a lot more stable than any previous MS OS and we're not even on the first service pack yet.  So that's pretty significant.  Also, it's proven to be MS's most secure consumer OS.  That combined with the great Aero features make buying a Mac kind of pointless.  You can save close to $1000 buying a PC with Windows 7 that can be upgraded cheaply later on.  So I think in these tough financial times, people are aware of this fact.

As far as XP, I'm betting that most of those XP machines are old and crusty and the owners are not sure if they can even run Windows 7, are aware that Windows 7 even exists or are savvy or courageous enough to attempt an OS install.

Personally, I would recommend those old XP machines go over to Linux instead of Windows 7, but there are a number of roadblocks there.  Linux users tend to be snobbish and dismissive of newbs, which is a little hypocritical.  They're always saying "go linux" but they're typically not willing to help out new users.



You go to the wrong corners of the web for Linux help. :P



Apple giving up on their computer line is simply not true.  While their profit margins are being boosted by both iPhone and iPad devices, it's clear that they're not stopping producing the Mac line of computers.  They refreshed their iMac lines with Core i3's and they're bringing 6-core Xeon's to their Mac Pro line this month.  Granted, their hardware refreshes are longer, it's not a sign they're giving up.  I think that due to their small market share in the desktop market, they see no reason to do aggressive hardware refreshes.



very good. it will be very interesting how the picture looks even 6 months from now.



love that spam filter!



Duh, lol. We've all known this for some time. no one expects Windows 7 to slow down. At least not by enough to hurt it's share. It will take some time for XP to be overrun by 7 but it will happen. It took quite a while for XP to take 98's market share....but it happened. It's all about support. No one (including hardware vendors) really supported Vista. I mean, they were super late getting they're drivers together. Not to mention Vista had its issues. Sure all patched up it was okay. But it wasn't better than XP . That was the prob. Not only did it blow...but you had Crapware on top of a Crap OS. Not a good mix to have a bunch of Dell toolbars and software mixed in with a already broken OS. It was (and still is for some) a nightmare for basic users. Microsoft says they will be much quicker about rolling out OS's. Personally, I don't think that's a super great idea. It has it's pros and cons. Think think major Service Packs would be a better idea. For instance, SP2 for XP was a great Service Pack. It was a major improvement to the OS. But at the same time, waiting too long to roll out a new OS causes a very painful transition for future technology. Not even sure why I commented on i said, we all know this.



I also had one customer come up to me and tell me that they hated Vista's UAC feature that made running anything a hassle.

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