Judge Says Asus Can Keep Selling Transformer Prime Tablets Despite Hasbro's Objections



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I have a feeling all these companies suing each other is happening just so their lawyers can justify their salaries.
How could anyone think such a lawsuit can be justified int he first place?

Will anyone wanting to buy an Optimus Prime toy buy an Asus Transformer Prime by mistake? Come on!



I have this, its a great tablet.
Got they keyboard for it as well.
like the anti apple approach
at least android don't nickel an dime me for
every thing I want to do on my device
thanks itunes , you can go now



And Amazon keeps on a sellin' them...




The reason sales are so low is because sales of the Original Transformer TF101 were awesome by comparison, and everyone is happy with their first-gen. Only people like me who couldn't afford the 1st get are now shopping for a 2nd gen.



I think all the problems with the Prime's Wifi and GPS really hurt sales too. Asus really made a stupid mistake with the all aluminum back on the Prime.



It's a shame that the sales of this are so dismal. This tablet is superior to the fruit-labeled competitor in every way but screen resolution. In the interest of having a much more fully-featured device, I'll give up the uber screen resolution. The Prime's screen looks awful damn nice in its own right.

With a fully customizable desktop (widgets, etc) and true multi-tasking floating window programs like Overskreen (browser) and Stickit! (multi window scalable video/youtube player), the TFP makes the iPad look like a very pretty toy.



Wow Hasbro, isn't a sales ban a little severe? They're not direct competitors or anything, greed at work here it seems.



To say this is out of greed is to stretching it a bit. I don't really think this brings any kind of profit to Hasbro at all unless you include the miniscule advertisementthe company gets through general interest in the public forums. If anything, this move is just plain dumb on their part; doesn't hurt them competition-wise, but they're going to go out of their way to make themselves look bad.

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