Judge Rips Rambus for Shredding Documents in Nvidia Case



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This group of multi-million/billion dollar companies are something else. Patents are starting to remind me of blood sucking fleas than protection to their inventors or owners.


I Jedi

Wow, obstruction of justice it what it sounds like to me?



it will be interesting to see where this plays out- as this case probably pre-dates the practice of companies having Record Retention Policies.

Record Retention policies is the method where a company can arbitratily state that all emails etc are destroyed after 1 year thus severly decreasing the threat of discovery.

all docuements are given different years - depending on the letter of the law- then forced compliance is put in place- including auto deletion of all emails at the one year point etc

but if this case is ok with not even a fine companies may not need to go through the act of policy making....

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