Judge Reverses $625.5 Million Verdict Against Apple



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If you were in Best Buy, you're a prole to begin with.  Fail.



They threw out the verdict, so what does Apple think they owe?



Too bad. We really need Apple to bleed dry and die off. They're horrible for the industry.



Yeah. They're not very innovative, are they?

Maybe if others in the "industry" got some stones and decided to lead instead of follow (and when I say follow I mean do so in a piss-poor way,) the industry would be less "Apple-like." 

There's also the coercion. I remember the last time I made a computer purchase I was forced to buy a Mac. It happened like this: I was minding my own goddamned business in Best Buy, looking to purchase a new Asus laptop, when out of nowhere comes the jack-booted Apple-Polizei. They grabbed me by the hair and dragged me over to the (small) Apple booth wherein from thence they proceeded to rub my face in a MacBook Pro. Needless to say, I wasn't leaving that store in one piece without at least a Magic Mouse and a subscription to Mobile Me.

It's everywhere: glowing fruit and no options.

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