Judge Rejects Apple Injunction Against Amazon Appstore



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Good for Amazon. Apple is getting a bit too rediculous this time.



I am making "Meerkat Store" a trademark of my company. This way, no one else can sell meerkats in a store unless they refer to them by a name other than what they are.


It's the perfect plan.



According to google, there were plenty of websites using the word 'app' before 1993. And the word store was coined in the mid-1300s. But now apple owns those words. they came up with them back in the 1300s. OK they havent been around that long but it seems like it because their technology is at least that old.



This reminds me of using so called "widgets" on Vista.

Hmm maybe Apple should've called it "Wids store" in the first place since the shortened word for "Applications" is too mainstream to patent troll. Oh wait nvm, It just doesn't sound hip enough for Apple standards nor are they the first to implement "squarish-one-purpose-widgets"



I'm going to start up a grocery store and call it "Grocery Store".  I will then sue anybody who attempts to use the term "Grocery Store".  I will argue that people are too stupid to know that other grocery stores aren't my "Grocery Store".  /sarcasm 



Apple is over reaching (as usual).  They didn't coin the term app so why should the term app store belong to them.  Utter BS.  Take em down Amazon, they need a good beatdown.  Apple isn't fighting a little company they can bully around this time.

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