Judge Orders Apple to Remove "Untrue" Samsung Statement from Website



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Two multinationals long cocking each other on stacks of money. Makes me sick.



im Steve Jobs and i dont know anything about any of this



I know I'm an unlikely person to side against Apple, but their statement really was contemptuous. I don't necessarily agree that they needed to be humiliated and punished for trying to pursue a favorable verdict in a civil lawsuit and damages they were awarded elsewhere, but I'm no judge either.

Court decisions need to be respected. One can't say some stupid shit like "it was 'just' a Royal Court!" because Apple chose to pursue in a British jurisdiction. Now they need to learn to respect British rulings.



Apple reminds me of a small child throwing a fit because they didnt get their way.



Apple knew exactly what they were doing, see they could post the most sincere sounding apology now but after that last one it will mean nothing. They knew it all along...dicks.



Apple was more than out of line with their first "apology". They should be held in contempt of court for what they did and said along with a hefty fine. They did not apologize at all. In fact, they were poking the bear with a stick and laughing. This will come back to bite them. Apple is falling deeper into the hole they continue to dig with the gigantic ego they have.

I also have a bone to pick with the people supporting apple in this. How dense can a person be? The stupidity of these Crapple fanboys and girls has become a contagion. "Samsung totally copied Apple." "Apple can do no wrong. All they want to be is a successful business." ect. I have seen it all. People are blind to this monopolistic monster.

I personally can't wait for the fall of that shit company. They no longer serve any purpose but to try to be the only one. This isn't fucking Highlander. Stop being whiny bitches about a competing company that is doing better than you. Instead of wasting billions of dollars on lawsuits and such, put it towards developing original ideas. Not innovations of past products. I swear to fuck, I have seen 3 and 4 year old children that were more mature.

Call me a fanboy all you want. You are right. Fuck Apple. Try to prove that Apple is better or isn't wrong, and I will easily prove you wrong. They are worthless and are surely reaching their end of life cycle.



i couldn't have said it better myself. i was thinking pretty much exactly what you said but you posted before me. i don't think anyone on this earth can hate crapple anywhere nearly as much as i do. although i do find plenty of comedic relief from all the retarded sheep. i really enjoy when all the sheep deny that their choice in phone dictates their status in life but that has already been a study by researchers. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Apple-Store-iPhone-Line-Fans,18319.html

enjoy a few more things crapple







These lawsuits suck. From both of these companies. And all the other companies suing the heck out of each other. The whole patent system is supposed to promote innovation. Instead, every tech company and all the small patent troll companies are ruining everything for everybody. Now all the companies are filing patents for everything they can think of just to protect themselves or to sue everybody else.

I hate that Apple sued Samsung. I love their products but these lawsuits have really done nothing to help them (even with the US verdict) or put them in a favorable light. I understand that they've been sued too in the past for stupid things, but this all needs to stop. The only ones really benefiting here are the lawyers.

Apple's put out great stuff the last several years and so has Samsung. In my opinion, Apple has led the way initially and Samsung has now begun to step up their game and bringing some innovation to the mobile market.

In the end, it's making all the companies step up their game and we as consumers will benefit from all the cool devices that are making their way to the shelf---whether you're an Android, iOS, or Windows fan.



Apple really hasn't put out anything that is worth the money they charge, in a long time. They are a monstrosity to the tech world. How can they sue over basic aesthetics? Rounded corners? Really? If they target Samsung for that, they need to target every company with a product that has rounded corners. They don't though because none of those companies have really posed any kind of threat when it comes to pure sales. Samsung is Apples biggest competitor. Basically they are throwing out bullshit lawsuits to damage no only the profits of Samsung, but to get their sheep to follow as well and believe that they did nothing wrong in an attempt to damage Samsung's image. All of this should not be happening. I honestly believe that if a person or company did not invent an idea or product, or even an aesthetic feature, they should not be able to own the patent to it. Very soon will apple be in the same place thy were a few years before the original iPhone. They cannot force their products on to us. That's basically what they are trying to do.



"I'm at a loss that a company such as Apple would do this,"

He don't know Apple very well, do he?



Nice pic of a "UK" judge with an american flag behind him.



Isn't that the judge from the opening credits of the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire?



Do you think that's a real judge anyway?



Still sore you lost the war?



If I could downvote this, I would. Don't let him get you down Paul. The pics accompanying your articles are the cream for the crop at maxpc.



Three seconds with Photoshop and now everyone should be happy.



Uh, Paul... you forgot the white powder wig. 4 more seconds with Photoshop? :)



I love the goofy pictures with articles at MPC. Why must everything be serious :D


Hg Dragon

The silly things that people get their knickers in a knot over...



I see what you did there.

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