Judge Issues Harsh Words and $10,000 Fine for Misbehaving Copyright Lawyer



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Anything short of disbarring is light punishment.



That's definitely not a large enough fine.  It's not punitive enough and it doesn't send a message to others who are trying to abuse the courts for their own financial gain like Stone.  I find this entire practice abhorrent.  It's predatory and abusive.



Agreed! But predatory indicates that they'd only hunt live flesh when I believe that carrion is more to their liking. Hopefully the victims jump on a class action suit if that's possible, or at least a series of civil suits to try to take everything he has. As a matter of fact, I'd be happy to contribute to any initiative to lawyer up the forces of good and constantly keep suing MIAA, RIAA, MAAFIA or anyone who tries to profit from threatening people who don't know that the law is on their side - just not recently enriched judges... or congress... Apparently, this was a real judge that settled this last case.



So he basically commits fraud by servering invalid subpoenas and gets a stern talking to? He should be disbarred at the very least.

Its nice to know that if i ever find that i can generate $20,000 plus for passing fake subpoenas, it will only cost me 10k.





Should have been tossed in jail for 30 days. Then maybe he's get to experience jailhouse "porn" first-hand. Douchebag.

The court should also demand that he return any monies collected via illegal subpoenas plus damages. This asshat got off way too easy.



Should have taken one of his fingers as well. Start with his middle one...

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