Judge Forbids Samsung Designer from Testifying in Apple Patent Trial



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We can't overlook biased judgment in the judge's part because in the end Samsung is a South Korean company and Apple is an American. Regardless of whether any money is involved, there obviously is a conflict of interest.



Koh really needs to be investigated, because there's definitely a conflict of interest somewhere, she's either being paid off by Apple or is a hardcore Apple zombie, the former being the most likely of the two!



In other news the judge recently ordered three phones thrown out as Apple's "evidence" because they aren't marketed in the States.

You know what I find interesting in all of this? Microsoft pays Apple for its IP and has a licensing agreement (just as MS does to many others, most notably some Linux vendors.) It's not for "rounded rectangles."

This has caused Microsoft to truly innovate with their ideas of tablet interface (whether you like "Metro" or not is not the point.) They did something different and unique not only with that but with Zune, Windows Phone 7, Surface, etc.

Everybody knows that Apple didn't invent the tablet...but they popularized it while it was yet obscure and unwanted. Everyone knows that Apple didn't invent the smartphone. They're suing Samsung because Samsung is a nut-riding company bereft of ideas of its own.

I do, however, agree that many of Apple's patents seem vague in an unprecedented way. If I cared any more than this I would hope for Samsung to win this corporate struggle...that way I could flood the comment section with witty replies like "Samsung must have paid off the judge because Corporate Football didn't go my way!"



I don't mind if Apple has a monopoly. By law, it should smashed into a million pieces.

Oh wait, they probably will buy off all the judges and lawyers who try to do that.



This is stupid. Pizza Hut never sued Dominoes because of round pizza patent infrigement, nor has any LCD Panel manufacturer ever sued because of somebody making a rectangular monitor.
Apple is just trying to avoid the inevitable, which is losing the battle to superior products. Every few years, Apple may come out with an innovative product. I will agree. It doesn't take long for the competition to step up and kick Apple to the curb.



All aboard the USA Justice System failboat!!!!!



Such an odd case. Both Apple and Samsung are arguing copyright infringement where as the judge is instead pursuing trade dress. The two tech companies are fighting over the evolution of design and the judge is only concerned with who got to market first, the iPhone or one of Samsung's in development models (which didn't).

Not really sure how this'll play out. In order for the judge to rule in favor of Apple via trade dress, they'll have to prove that people are being duped into buying Samsung devices thinking that they're iPhones because on their similar design, which they aren't.

All I can figure is that the two copyright infringement cases will nullify each other and the trade dress case whether here or later in a retrial will get struck down.

Hopefully, this trial will further open up the debate on Patent Law and it's reform, otherwise, it is just a waste of time and money.



Sounds like this judge is in bed with Apple. Wouldnt be surprised if some $$$ is exchanging hands...



If I'm not mistaken, Apple brought in an old Apple graphic designer who had nothing to do with iPhones and iPods just so she tould testify that she confused Samsung devices with an iPhone. Talk about bias here?



When they reach a limit of reasonable profit is when they are going to be wished to push more in innovation! Go, Go, Go, Samsung! Delimit them! Trials are always threats and deception! My next Tablet is going to be Android Sorry! I like to taste to adquire a log of tastes. Much of the same make me feel bad.



In the end, patents are over exaggerated. It should be banned.



This whole affair sounds like a boxing match from the 80's or the 90's with Don King as the promoter, with this judge "The fix is in". Ah life in the good ole' USSA (United Socialist States of America) the best justice that money can buy, just look to Hollywood and some of the legal fiascoes there.



1) The USA is far from socialist. Stop being a drama llama.
2) This whole case would have already been settled if we were in a socialist country and Samsung would have won. Just look at Great Britain.



Do either of you have a clue what socialism is or are you just using it as a label for anything you don't like?

The Apple - Samsung trial more likely represents what seem to be the most typical US Government traits: incompetence and corruption.


Shadow Death

I wonder how much money Apple is shelling out into her pockets to get her to do this? At first I thought she was just flat out stupid but this really seems like she's taking bribes of some kind. I hope she gets removed from her seat and put back on meter-maid position where she belongs because she clearly has no idea what justice is.

On a second thought, if he owned the patients for the F700 designs then wouldn't that mean that Apple is infringing on his patients?



Blatant bias is right, I'm not a fan of either company but lately every ruling that this judge has made seems to be against allowing Samsung to use it's evidence. At this point I'm wondering if Samsung is even going to be allowed to have a defense?



So this judge is basically begging to have her decision at the end appealed, and to have this whole thing as a waste of time? Every time Samsung has brought in some evidence for themselves, it's been rejected because it's "biased", or "not relevant". And yet, how is any of the eivdence that Apple provides not categorized in the same fashion?



I have a feeling no matter which way this case swings, one side or the other is going to appeal.



Ya think?

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