Judge Denies Samsung's Request to Lift Galaxy Nexus Sales Ban



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It is truly a bummer that Apple, once again has been successful in squashing a competing product. One more reason why I have never purchased any Apple product and I never will.



Pretty sad company that can only succeed by suckering consumers and destroying competition.

And judges don't have a clue about technology or sales of.

Seriously? People would buy an iPhone if Nexus didn't have that search algorithm??



I find it sad that the competition needs to copy Apple's designs in order to release a competing product.



No one copied "Apple's designs". Apple managed to patent stuff that has been around for ever (like a search that searches more than one location) and is now using it to shut down competitor.



Oh right! Apple never copied anybody...



Only except... it's only a search algorithm. As if 95% of Apple's fan-base even knows what that is.



I despise Apple almost as much as you. I agree that the lost sales contention is ridiculous.

One question though: why on earth did Samsung knowingly include this patented feature? This was a dumb move.



Probably because a search algorithm is an intangible that has nothing to do with any selling features of the phones. Samsung probably thought that Apple wasn't this conniving and insidious. It's like if I built a custom PC and I liked to use a blue wire to connect my fan and somebody else built a totally different PC but used the blue wire for the fan too. Would I care? Not at all because I'm not an anal freak and I know my PC is better. So no harm done.

Apple knows their product is not as good as Samsung's so they have to be dicks and stop the sale of it. Temporarily.



It's still their patent whether you and I like it or not. I think Apple gets a bit carried away with the infringement suits. I believe they should only be recovering all the money from Samsung that Apple spends on R&D and marketing for them. As far as "ultrabooks" go they shouldn't ever sue a PC manufacturer for nut-riding the MBA...because none of them can seem to ever rip off the trackpad that isn't nearly useless.

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