Judge Calls for Patent Sanity, Throws Out Apple/Motorola Case



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Now as I flip through the latest print of MaximumPC, I fear that I may be doing it wrong.



I'm going to patent different ways people poop. I'm even going to patent the way people could poop that's physically impossible just to cover all basis'. I'm even going to patent the different ways people flick, push, pull, touch, or not touch, the toilet handle after pooping. Heck, for good measure, I'm even going to patent 500 different colors and shapes of poop......




anytime I see stupid patents, always reminds me of this...



If only Henry Ford patented the steering wheel, or Bell an ear piece on the phone or Hertz the radio wave maybe even Joe Blow the knob on the radio, Homer Simpson the Anykey... Too late to get the draw strings on a hoody?



"Swiping" your hand across the screen is patentable? Is the middle finger gesture someones patent? I need to know before I flip Apple the bird.



Jesus Christ finally someone is trying to put a stop to these sniveling infantile little brats whining about every little thing in court. Here's an idea, you invent something, then someone invents something similar, then you ignore it and invent something BETTER. Before you know it we'll actually have progress instead of a bunch of children pointing fingers in court.



This is not about someone inventing someone better, this is about someone using someone else's invention without paying.



You are wrong, as there are only so many ways to turn a digital page (just an example as I Was not going to read through the entire list). This is about Apple/Motorola/Microsoft/Big Company trying to patent the IDEA, not the actual software or code that turns the digital page. API's not patentable, but the rest of the code is. Patent law needs to be reformed big time, and if it were, you would not see 1% of these cases.



"as there are only so many ways to turn a digital page"

Yep. To be more specific there's only so many ways to do something that's sensible for the consumer to do without making it overly complicated or confusing. If someone had to write their software to require back flips to turn a page do you think it would sell? Overly exaggerated but I think it makes my point clear.



You mean that that's what it SHOULD be about. Unfortunately, the US patent system is completely fucked. How can you possibly patent "button page-flip" and then claim patent violation because they use "button page-flip instead of touchscreen swipe page-flip"?

When the patents are all actual INVENTIONS that required actual skill and inspiration to develop, is when people will stop complaining. Until then, every bullshit claim by Apple and other patent trolls will be met with great public outcries.



I agree with everything you said about the patent system. It needs to be changed. The problem with this story (I guess every Apple story on this website) is that it shows only one side of the story. This suit is a countersuit by Apple against Motorola Mobility who originally sued Apple for patent infringement on about 18 different patents that they own. In the end, both companies came out on the losing end on this one.

All of these tech companies have turned into patent trolls and patenting everything they can think of. They all need to just get along. Like the console companies. They all talk trash about each others' products but at least they're not suing the heck out of each other either.



The idea that every little thought that pops into your head is an invention is a big part of the problem. If someone comes up with something truly innovative then I can understand wanting credit for it. But some insignificant UI feature like turning pages with a button is something literally anyone could have thought of. There is no innovation or originality and certainly no credit deserved. This is just business trying to get money.



Really? "Turning the page of an e-book by pressing a button" is an invention?

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