JP Morgan: Tablets Will Cannibalize PC Market in 2011



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I think these companies release bogus predictions as a ploy to try and persuade the uninformed to buy a tablet or smart phone. I'm sure PC sales may go down but not as much as they claim. Even if it does how will they know if it's a direct result of the tablet market?

I've said all along that I think the tablet craze is just a fad. Granted there are some people that understand the pros and cons of the tablet but purchase one anyway for specific wants/needs. There are probably a lot more that will buy their first tablet and then realize how silly it was when they could've had a more productive PC or laptop for about the same price.



Didn't they say the same thing to just about any other portable device?



Yup. Seems like every quarter some "analyst" comes out and says some new tech is going to destroy current tech. And guess what? It never happens.

No one is going to replace their PC with an iOS or Android tablet. No one shopping for a laptop or netbook is going to pay 2-3x as much to get a less functional Windows tablet. It's just not going to happen.



[someone delete me :( ]



$26.1 billion is about 44 million tablets sold at $600 apiece.  Since that is LESS than the trend of growth in the PC industry over the last few years, I don't think there's a whole lot to worry about here.



Sort of like saying that compact cars are going to cut into the sales of semi trucks.

Most of the people I know who have made recent purchases opted for a desktop or a laptop over a tablet because they see the tablet as under-sized and under-powered for their needs.



" According to JP Morgan Securities, tablet revenue in 2011 will reach $26.1 billion, and then $35.2 billion in 2010."

I think you mean 2012 for that last part.


Also, what's this publish to facebook stuff that keeps popping up? Can I just flat-out never see it again?

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