JooJoo Tablet Gets Redesigned Interface



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The improvements mentioned are welcomed for sure, but as much as I like the "idea" of the Joojoo, the overall hardware flaws still make this a non purchase for me. Who want to travel around with an external HDD to play media? not me! Add a bigger HDD to the Joojoo and add better wi-fi (no "N", really? why?) and maybe this could be a contender.



Because N is still in draft.  Traveling with an external HDD may seem inconvenient, but if it keeps the weight (and, possibly, price) of the JooJoo small then I don't mind the minor inconvenience.  It will also help save some battery life, as there are no spinning platters and SSD's just too pricey.

Though, what I would want (not sure if they included it) is an expansion slot. If could use my own SSD/CF card on it, that would definitely be more beneficial.  


An P

I like to buy a tablet, just not sure what will be available... a lot of buz but not details on specs.

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