Jon Peddie Research: GPU Shipments Down, iPad to Blame



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Latest report shows new cancer cases down 7%. This is obviously directly linked to ipad shipments.


Keith E. Whisman

So his thinking is that people are sitting down and choosing to spend their $600 bucks on an Ipad instead of a GTX580 graphics card. That's the argument. He obviously isn't a computer gamer.



Even for AMD and NVIDIA, a significant portion of GPUS sold are igps and lowend gpus given to oems. If people are choosing $600 touchscreens with an ARM SOC over a full fledged additional ($700) laptop or ($400)desktop, sans-touchscreen, then that will affect GPU sells.

What you and I care about, and what is not reflected in theses numbers, are GPUs that customers purchase themselves and install themselves.

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