John Carmack: RAGE Probably Won’t Support Dedicated Servers



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Guys take a look at the pre-release info for MAG. I've played the beta for this and it is epic. It's a PS# exclusive MP ONLY  256v256 FPS that uses a proprietary server technology.


We should all hope that it succeeds... because if you're an MP+FPS fan, the consoles big sales numbers are driving software design requirements for your fave IPs now.




Disappointing but not surprising. We already know they are limiting the size of the game so it fits on a single disc for Xbox 360.

I think Carmack is getting bored with PC. He's having more fun messing with cell phones and consoles (and rockets). I'm sure that was out of necessity to keep id alive, but it's still sad to see.



I think it depends on the game, and we don't know enough about RAGE to say that it needs dedicated servers, but one thing is clear, MW2 was the first and a lot more will follow.



Seems like its a growing trend to try and reinvent the pc multiplayer framework eventhough it doesnt need to be changed. MW2, AVP 3 and now this? mercy



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No the multiplayer component will not be better than most. id's last great multiplayer game was Q3 (or if you like RTCW). Multiplayer sucks and is unpolished for all of id's new games.



Wow I’ve been playing cod mp right from the early days and I can’t believe the decision to make the new and improved super sophisticated next-level mp of a brand new 2009/10 cod game a 9vs9 early 90's throwback!

I didn’t realise that the console versions were so far behind in terms of mp ability that it is not possible for more players than those involved in a Sunday league footy match at the park (11vs11!!!) to play against each other! 9vs9 the future? – don’t make me laugh! Why bring the pc version back 2 decades? Even 1987 MIDI Maze supported 8-a-side and that was the first mp 1st prsn shooter invented!

9vs9 – a more enjoyable and realistic experience – I’m in a warzone, I’m in Afghanistan where troops are organised into 30-man combat platoons, ‘REALISM’ = absolute minimum of 30 a side capability for those who want it! Got no problem with a 9vs9, hell a 1vs1 is all good if it turns u on! But as an OPTION not as the ONLY choice! - it sure don’t do it for me and my mates anyways!!

If I were chief: airstrikes and dogs would be dropped or at least limited CHRIST!, bigger maps + vehicles would be a must, age 3+ deathmatches would be banned, a proper system of rank would be implemented with single shot kills to the leg – lol becoming a thing of the past.. hold on... it just occurred to me... heard of Battlefield anyone? I may just be off 4good this time! - someone plz remind me why I’m gonna stick with Activision and its ‘next gen’ mp console raped game???



That's because they work hard on making a good single player, and they succeed by far.



Well, I think your standards may be a little low. Or mine too high...



I agree with Anti, I have always enjoyed the single player aspect of most ID Software games.  Except Q3, of course.  Pretty much always hated that game.

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