John Carmack: Quake Live Will Make Consoles Green with Envy



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For a laptop that can't play any games, even doom this is a refresh. For all you saying it takes too long...just wait. I installed, and got through many games yesterday, the 27th in less then an hour. It's fast, easy simple. Just wait for the queue, no longer then 5 minutes during the day and a lot less during the night...and get fragging.



this games a joke already old hacks on the game.  was a waste of a pluggin.  and 10min qualify 3 hour line wait.  0 out of 10



To be honest.. i don't know why it's just a big deal. I've waited in line for at least a couple of hours, it took like at least an hour or two more to download it, and after all that - just an old game that's not even interesting.
And it's not like i don't like FPS games, or that i didn't give it a chance, i tried, and tried, and died some more. Yes, it's cool when you 'pwn' 3 people in 3 seconds, but to be honest, i have no idea why i wasted half my day on it, when i could've played TF2. Oh, and on that note, i'll just go and do that.

Sorry, not feeling the 'quake live, look it's an 20 year old game, but now for free, and with the worst graphics I've seen in 10 years', whoopee.. 



talk about q's. the devs promise to get to a no q state

you can bet this has blizz " Quaken in their boots"


there are like 10 mill wow players that can't stand azoroth anymore, they just don't have anyplace to go.... who knows this may be it


i created an account today, then saw the queue and  thought   "holy crap" hahaha .....  this could be great, i for 1 will be there and give it a good try hopefully i'll find a home..... pvp rocks

T-bone that bietch


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