Joel Tenebaum Goes Back to Owing the RIAA $675,000 in File Sharing Case



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No, the constitution had NO bearing on illegal sexirues and searchs, nor cruel and unusual punishments here... not at all.

""$2,250 per song"" I don't think that the bands would even charge that much to perform the individual song live for you in your own living room. You don't even pay that much for the "ZOMG he sweat right on me!" seats at a concert. And yet RIAA would have you believe the songs are actually worth ten times that number.

Theft is wrong, whether it comes over a DSL connection, or via a subpeona.



And this is why no one should ever buy another CD ever again.




So we'll tie up our legal system with back and forth cases like this while violent offenders wait longer to be tried and in the end defendants like Joel will most likely not end up paying. Everyone loses.


If only there was half as much effort put forth to hold wall street executives accountable for our totally avaoidable economic crash.



I don't understand the need to sue for outrageous amounts when it's obvious people can't pay that much. Charge him $100 per song and I'm sure he'd think twice about downloading music again. Knowing the RIAA I would've just taken the $3,500 total offer if I were him. He would've gotten off easy.



You answered your own question. The RIAA wants to set a legal precedent, and also encourage anyone caught sharing copyrighted music to accept their settlement offer, or risk being on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars depending no how many songs were shared.



Exactly. They want to have these cases to use as leverage to keep their extortion business running smoothly. "Pay us $3500 now even if you're innocent or you could be on the hook for $675,000".



cmon, be reasonable.  



The RIAA doesn't do reasonable.

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