Jobs Throws Jabs at Adobe Flash



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Here we go again... Apple + Flash... Security this, Resource hog that... (though I'll agree on Flash being a bit of a pig since Adobe bought out Macromedia). If this this thing is being marketed as a web and entertainment device, then atleast support the common standards on it... not that hard seeing the current standards are - HTML4+5/XHTML/CSS/JAVA/JS/RSS/FLASH/x./h.264, you don't need to have full flash support enabled, but Flash Lite should be there atleast to enable the functionality to browse all-flash sites (*shudder*) or sites with flash elements (ie. my cellphone provider's site).

That being said... If Apple is gonna harp on other company's products about being full security issues as well as resource management, they should look at their own software products (Quicktime, iTunes, Safari) and work on them before calling out on other companies... hell MS rarely harps on other products in those regards...

Ah well, that's my 2¢ on the matter.

As for the iPad itself... interesting as it may be (jumbo sized iPod/Portable vid player) it's not compelling enough for it's price point. If I'm gonna drop $600 on a device, I'd like it to do more than just one thing at a time + more storage. I could care less about webcams or fancy features, I just want a device that I could bring in lieu of my laptop so that I can check my mail, surf the web, watch videos and listen to music with a decent amount of file storage so that I can save some files as needed (also, I hate the facvt that apple killed the disk drive feature on the iPod touch)

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It is all about control people.  They can't control who devlops what for flash.  They can't sell flash at their app store.  They can't stand anything they can't control or profit from.  They therfore do not, nor will they ever support flash or any technology that circumvents the allmighty app store.



And that's today's word.





Jobs is  a fag.  I hope they dont incorporate Flash in that shitty ass iPad,  less people will buy it.



Maybe Jobs himself is spurned by the top brass at Adobe, so in Hitler-esque fashion is campaigning against all things Flash. If you can't own em', exterminate em'.



....the iPad hardly needs another reason to find it less-useful than it already is.

If its an internet device, it needs to be friendly with the technology used on websites. If its meant to be a tablet/slate device, it needs to be have external drive ports (especially with the meagre internal memory they are promising) and a hardware (not bluetooth) means of connecting directly to peripherals, like printers.

If, on the other hand, its simply a content delivery device for the iTunes store, a gaming device  and lightweight portable player for Apple-approved products, then its all set. 



Apple hates everything but its own brand name. So I really dont see apple ever getting flash. And why is apple so worried with security if it gets less securtiy hacks then microsoft. Guess your not so secure about your OS afterall apple. It was only a matter of time...



 Yeah, Apple's finally coming out of the closet...





beeky 1000




Don't care what you think about Apple, but Flash is a terrible product. It's not an open standard. It's a security nightmare. (I get new security problems being reported by Secunia on my PC about every week!) It's a particularly bad product for video (which is one of it's primary uses on the web) using lots of CPU.

It won't go away anytime soon, but better for it to decline and be replaced by open web standards like HTML 5 over time, than for it to continue as the worst part of our web experience as it is today.



If Secunia is finding hits and false positives every week on your PC, maybe it's not Flash but your AV that's not working right... Or maybe you could try safer web browsing?






Steve Jobs is a loser.

He doesn't care about anything but the status of his shit products.

Watching him present the new iPad was a joke. The best browsing experience? Who cares? And his loyal followers using words like "productive" and "joy" and "just works". 

I didn't realize people could actually be that stupid. They are happily ready to give away their freedom and money for something they can already do, like browse the web or buy non-DRM music.  



The least he could do is to include flashlite. My phone can browse desktop youtube and plays videos just like on computer, thanks to flashlite. Some flash games also work and even modern warfare 2 website loads just like it should on computer, on my phone



Funny that Jobs is making these statements.  Haven't Macs always been championed by people in the design fields?  Aren't Adobe's products the main reason why the arty types go with Macs?  I can't wait for Jobs to say "CS4 runs slow on Macs..."

 It's also funny that a possible substitute for Flash is Silverlight which is brought to you by Microsoft...lulz 



Good comment! Didn't even think of that one. 


Electronically charged



He said "little more than "a CPU hog" riddled with "security holes" and "old
technology,"". which is a bit interesting, considering that's why I haven't used iTunes since 2004.



 ....Java suxxorz...period!  As he said it's way bloated and is a security risk.  I see NO need for any app, just used to render some web pages, to be continually trying to access the internet, if fact the latest update to the JRE runtime NEEDS to be allowed internet access to even work properly.  I stuck with JRE6_7  for a long time for this simple reason...I could install it....then block its internet access and it still rendered pages properly.  With the current updated version this is no longer possible.  If I didn't love Firefox so much...I'd have Java OFF my comp in a heartbeat.  I feel the same way about Quick Time...  to me they seem more information GATHERING programs than just simple rendering scripts.

Obviously I'm no internet expert, but i get awfull suspicious when any program that is not say< and online game, wants internet access so bad.  Nero is just the same.  Heck even the DivX free player is the same, and more and more apps are going this way as well.   NOT my idea of either privacy or security.


The "CLOUD" is the biggest mistake this country has made...EVER !



 Sorry, but I gotta ask, where do you get Java out of this? The Jobs has no love for Flash (like most sane computer users) but I never saw anything about Java being on his hate list... I mean I'm no fan of it either but...c'mon.

Java has almost no association with Flash, other than them both being frustrating and annoying. Java = Sun Microsystems, Flash = Adobe






Quicktime. 'Nuff said.



Adobe's products are terrible resource hogs. I'm usually one to hate on apple, but flash is just a problem and it would be much easier for everyone if its functionality was built into html. No more installing random extensions to view parts of websites, less security loop wholes and no more stupid adobe downloader spam and leftover crapt.

 Adobe needs to get their shit together if they wanna compete and stop making poorly designed resource hogging programs. Acrobat for example is just as bad, it can even grind the best programs to halt when loading a simple pdf. Its text and pictures not Crisis why does it need 100% of my CPU



I've never had a problem with adobe products they are reliable on windows. The only time I find anything to be slow is if I am using a P4 but that is a 6+ year old pc so maybe the software isn't the problem here. Honestly I find that the people that complain about an applications performance tend to have older hardware, or other problems with their pc. And as of right now HTML 4 is the latest version officially supported by w3 so all of the html 5 features aren't standard yet so it doesn't make sense to develop for that platform at this time, browsers still aren't optimized for it's use. But that's just my view on things; could it be faster: yes, will html 5 be the future? Only time will tell...



 Jobs looks like 'evil monkey'






And then see who points the finger.



This is why i hate them. When Jobs tells everyone that Flash sucks and is a stupid idea he's not just putting down Adobe, but everyone who develops on, and uses their platform. Apple is so busy trying tell everyone what they need that they have completely forgotten to listen to what people want. 



I don't own a single Apple product, but I develop websites and software exclusively with Adobe products.  You currently see Apple relentlessly bashing Adobe right now, but you can count on Flash support on Apple devices in the future.  Why?  Microsoft's phone to be does everything the iPhone does and offers silverlight support.  If Apple wants to bury the hatchet with MS they're gonna have to pull their panties out of their wad and 1-up MS with Flash support.  There's one thing that history has shown is that MS copies other stuff very well, which means Apple will be required to conform or yet again be left in the dust with everything else they've ever done.  I know Apple fanboys hate to hear that, but it's the harsh reality.



I am a PC. LOL








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Sebie Kay

Well, this does make things a little more interesting.  Saying that flash is to slow for Apple's products.  Is that a fact, or is it a clever way to say that Apple's products are to slow to run flash?   

 In a situation like this, I think of Newton's laws.  'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction'.  Yes, I know this isn't physic's class.  But hey, it does involve an apple!  And Newton's law could apply not only to his apple, but to the Apple co. too.  Here's how:


Apple wants to stand out, be bold; dominate the small sector of the market that Microsoft might have a weaker claim to (music players, phones, etc).  In doing so, they fine tune their own software to run on their own equipment.  This makes sense, as Apple really is a software company. 

Does it work?  Yes.

Does it hurt them?  Yes.

By targeting a niche' (such as with the iPad), Apple removes itself from the major playing field.  Flash plays on that major playing field.


See where I am going with this?  Apple is trying to save face with most geeks by bashing Flash, which is a major player in the big field.  The truth is, Apple's business plan to stay in small sectors really doesn't warrant it even trying to have flash in the first place.  

So what's up with the bash?

To try to make a perceived short coming of their product into a selling point. That's what Apple is good at, and that is what they have done.


Ok, everyone still with me on that?  There will be a test on this latter!  ;) 

-=Do unto others... THEN RUN!!=-



This is why apple will never get anywhere.

Their products will be and will remain stupid fads.

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