Job Seeking College Grads Value Facebook More than Money, Study Says



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... So at first I thought, you know, there might be a practical reason to this. My friends used Facebook to get connections from other friends for any openings and such. The connections you have with Facebook with your friends was what I thought this was sort of implying. You know, like an investment. "I'll take Facebook so I can get that job."

I guess that's not the case.

What's really sad is that these people can't adapt socially. They'd rather stick with their tried and true group of friends rather than dive in headfirst into the corporate world and make a new set of friends.



This just proves that most "college kids" don't have a F***ing clue. Good luck with that Chuck.



I think it speaks the truth, people want a LIFE not just a job. Having social media adds to your quality of life.




The truth is you don't really want to work for a living. Your contribution to society is not through your work but to sit there and talk to people on the internet who you will never meet. It is really, really sad that someone would actually take less pay just so they could use Facebook at work. You know what adds to my quality of life? The money I earn that pays for my house, my car, my clothes, my food, my fun. So you would give up a little peice of all that just so you can talk to some chick on the other side of the country that is in reality 200 pounds more than she claims she is. That is brilliant.



Well, I think it speaks A truth, but not THE truth that you're implying.

The REAL truth is people are hopelessly dependent upon social networks. Never before has it been easier to focus on external issues and the problems of others rather than dealing with your own issues. Facebook and social media enhances the quality of life? No, absolutely not. People may get enjoyment out of it, and some people might feel better when they use it, but there are some for whom it does the exact opposite. There are some people I know who get sucked into Facebook.. they log in and browse for hours, drinking in other peoples' affairs and getting an almost euphoric feeling from it. These people use Facebook to regulate feeling states, which is not healthy nor does it increase their quality of life. It probably makes them feel good or feel better, but that doesn't mean their life is better.

The most ironic wording you used is "people want a LIFE".. having an active Facebook does NOT mean you have an active or fulfilling life. In fact, most of the time it means the opposite. Facebook is a purgatory for many, they are tricked into thinking they have fulfilling social experiences because they interact with people via text, clicks and keystrokes. This is not social interaction, and having a Twitter account or checking your Facebook does not mean you have a life. My life is great and I essentially have neither (I have a Facebook, but I never log into it). I'm 23, by the way, for those reading this and thinking I'm just some old fart who can't get with the times.

I think those who value social networking above air, water, and shelter clearly illustrate the point that social media and networking are not healthy and are straight up bad when used the wrong way. Addiction changes the motivational priorities of the brain as well.. to many addicts, using is more important than eating, sleeping, and having a place to live. I would have never thought that something like Facebook could do this too, but humanity always has a way of surprising me with the new lows it's willing to sink to.



Spoken like a true college aged kid. 


I know it's crazy but when you're at work, you shouldn't be guaranteed time to use Facebook and Google+ to see what your friends are up to. You're at work. I'll repeat that.....WORK.

As for finding Facebook as important as shelter, food and water, you must literally, LITERALLY, be retarded to think something like that. There is no other possible explanation. 


Holly Golightly

...Not me!!!

I find social networks to be annoying. People should not be Twittering on the job. People deserve to get fired when using FaceBook during company hours. They do not get paid to chit chat. They can do it from their internet-enabled smartphones instead. If they were working under my watch, I'd make sure they get fired for doing stupid things like that. As for device... I do not care what device they use, as long as they are not using company property to go on such sites. In the end, the boss gets the last word.

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