Job Recruiters to WoW Players: GTFO



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I think one should be careful when mentioning the WoW experience in a CV. Let’s face it, a lot of WoW players don’t really know why they are playing the game, they think it’s cool and they know that, based on some studies, they get to be tagged as people with skills in various domains. I used to play WoW for almost 3 years and I’ve met various types of players. All that I can say is that not all of them were really bright. You can always find a bunch of fat lonely kids who could use some Osha 10 hour training and aren’t able to focus on some easy chores. It’s pretty tricky, but if you’re a girl it could help.



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LMAO I registered just to say that, you WoW dorks are finally growing up huh??

I wonder what you put for skills on your resume

- Level 70 experience lots of gold
- Uber man munching armor of the fluffy kitten
- Flaming dragon boss raider
- Training noobs
- Fishing experience
- moderator of the day award
- Sleek peppered slacks of weightlessness
- Male to Female transition

Ha ha ha ha ha ha this made my day!!



You shouldn't put anything on your resume that can't be verified anyways. Do you expect them to go find your clan memebers and ask them how you were as a leader. Besides, just because you were the all powerful tank in a raid, that doesn't mean you should spearhead a sales initative. The only time gaming experience should matter in a job interview is if you're applying for a job directly related to that game. I'm sure blizzard would love to employ people who are familiar with their games, but I was very careful to leave that part out of my life when interviewing for any job.  It's like telling your boss you like drinking until early hours in the morning. Just don't. 


I Jedi

"My question is:  Why in the bloody hell would you *EVER* mention WoW or
any other video game during a job interview process?  That is, unless
the job in question is in the Video Game industry."




Yes its technology related but is it such a slow news day that you're reporting on an unsubstantiated forum post. 





Keith E. Whisman

Well online game play helped me get my job as a city bus driver. I explained to them all about my extensive experience as a sniper playing Call of Duty on the internet and detailed my numerous accomplishments in Grand Theft Auto.

OK maybe I didn't tell them all that.



My question is:  Why in the bloody hell would you *EVER* mention WoW or any other video game during a job interview process?  That is, unless the job in question is in the Video Game industry.



I totally agree, but I think that the people giving the interviews are the ones asking. Ultimately, the argument is does one tell them the truth knowing it might affect the possibility of him/her getting the job?



Mentioning your WoW prowess in addtion to those studies about WoW players' leadership skills probably doesn't seem like too awful of an idea to many people. Any potential "advantage" is better than none in an extra-competitve job market.



Even if such a fact is a legitimate claim. It's still not something you should put on the resume, Less than 2% of all unsolicited resumes submitted actually yield results, the biggest majority...last I looked was about 80% is those who find jobs through social networking...and if your observant enough you'll see that happening in your own workplace. People are much more likely to hire someone who has someone who can speak for them (regardless of how much one can actually speak of that person) than an unsolicited resume.

The fact is if you want extra edge in a competitive market, putting down skills you got through a game is only going to make you look like you haven't got a firm grasp of reality. It may even look desperate, and that draws negative attention. In a world where political correctness dominates the status quo, I'd rather keep my out of office activities to myself atleast until I have my foot firmly in the door.

Now that isn't say a game can't help them land a job...I had a guild master in AoC who offered me a job in Japan if I was willing to relocate (I wasn't). So if applied correctly one's gaming experience can be helpful =)


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