Job Listing at Valve Confirms Entry into PC Hardware Business



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"Even basic input, the keyboard and mouse, haven't really changed in any meaningful way over the years"

...are they serious?

That's because there isn't any need to change them? Keyboard and mouse are a perfect input device as it is already. Sure, maybe in the future more 'realistic and natural' input like VR/motion-type controls would be a fun gimmick, but when precision matters the mouse will still be the most accurate input device for a screen.



Valve is not perfect, but it at least tries to support its customer base and offer some great gaming deals. One of the classic arguments that developers have used is there is no "standard" PC while there is a standard for a console. Well if Valve can bring the power and flexibility of a PC to a "basic minimum standard" inexpensive package that still allows for upgrades the console will be in trouble. By the way I have a PS3, and a Wii, and you know my wife and I both do 100% of our work and 99% of our gaming and other activities on our PCs. I'm not saying tablets, consoles, or smart phones don't have their place, but I like the precision of my laser mouse. Did I mention 120 Hz monitor, all settings at max for graphic quality, and 7.1 24 bit surround sound. Something today's consoles, tablets, and smart phones can't even remotely dream about. My time is valuable so I'd rather have a few great PC titles to play than a bunch of cookie cutter average games.



Thank you, glad to see you get it. Wonder when the rest will see it too.



Android devices are just unstable. IT works and then it freezes and keep doing battery pulls. The thing is no matter how far this smartphones have become they are still limited compared to an x86 technology. But that is not the problem. the thing we gamer have to worry about is what kind of tricks like companies like EA are going to pull.

EA announced not long ago that their future catalog of their games are going F2P!!. This can't be the future >0



I support having a standard for PC gaming that could move away from microsofts grip. The PC is better suited for gaming in HD or even 3D for better games like Skyrim and Crysis 3, but, lower level games can also be played with them as well. Also, you can use a controller to play any game on the PC if you like if it will let you. Having the choice of input devices for what game you want to play works best for me. Consolds have held back PC game developement, in my opinion, because of the lower hardware requirements and lower cost to code.I am hopefull that Valve is sucessful in bringing new inovation to the PC. My 3 1/2 year old PC is better than a brand new consold, I can watch or record TV, play any PC game,use the net, and do my work on it. The HD 4890 has lost support in april 2012 so for 200-250 dollars it will have to be upgraded. All the neg. comments toward the PC are weak and you can shove them up you consold.



Valve, I'm waiting for my real life TF2 hats, but this will do.



While you wait for your silly hats the rest of the world is waiting for Half Life 3 ( or HL2 ep3)


Peanut Fox

I'm not sure why Valve would want to do this other than their earnings have flatlined for some time and they're not seeing financial growth, and this would be a way for them to reach another audience.

While I question weather Valve will be successful in the console space, I've seen Microsoft come from nowhere and carve out a sizable market over Sony. I've seen at one time what I thought was a gimmick in the Nintendo DS move on to become the best selling handheld, even in the face of the graphically superior PSP devices. I've seen the Wii, a gaming device which does a poor job at being an actual gaming device become the best selling console of this generation. Looking at things from that perspective I don't see why they can't become a major player, and the only thing holding them back will be marketing, and exclusives.

I think it would be a much safer venture for Valve to piggy pack on the PS4 and become its digital distribution platform. I doubt Sony would be willing to give up so much, but that's got to be a much safer affair rather than getting into the hardware business.


The Corrupted One

So gaming rigs...


I want to see them making different sorts of rigs, like a competitor to the Razer Fiona, a gaming all in one etc. Valve should put their creativity toward it, not just brand a couple towers and call it a day.



Not sure what could happen in the future. PCs nowadays are not as necessary as they used to be. Outside 'serious gaming', there really is no need for them as everybody use their smart phones or tablets for their requirements (Facebook, Twitter, and the occasional document for school). In my sister's house (family of 5) they each have a tablet and their phone. Long ago they got rid of their desktop PC, and their 2 laptops are gathering dust.

So for 'serious gamers', will Valve's offering be attractive enough to make the big companies (EA, Activision, etc) code their games for new hardware and all this implies?

Time will tell.



Well the point I was trying to make (and guess I failed miserably) was not that PCs are doomed, but that Valve's new hardware could take the place of Windows PCs in a lot of households, but only those of serious gamers. For non-serious gamers, they have been pretty much replaced already by tablets/phones. And obviously for business PC will be king for still a long time.



This is the wrong place to make the comment "PC's are not as necessary nowadays" LOL. I mean, we know too much about computers here. Or "PC on life support" C'mon really?

You know, I'm planning to buy a tablet myself, I'm hoping it will all but replace my LAPTOP. There's no way I could use it when I need to get some serious work done, never mind some serious gaming.

So sales are down right now. Not surprising given all the new tablets and devices coming out, and a new version of windows around the corner. Never mind the slumping global economy.



The company I work for has over 20,000 employees and every one of them uses a computer (desktop or laptop). There is no way we could do our jobs on a tablet or phone. This is one company and there are many more in the same boat. We will always use a computer as would hundreds of thousands of other companies out there.

A small number of people in your world have switched to tablets and phones, this doesn't count as a wide demographic to base your statement "outside serious gaming" on. I would bet several of your small demographic likely even use a PC at their workplace even if they are in retail (many point of sales are pc's not a cash register any more).

The PC won't die because it is so heavily tied into our lives. Tablets and phones have simply given people a convenience of surfing the web without having to sit at their desk or having a big laptop on their lap. I would love to see someone manipulate a large spreadsheet on a tablet, or write a document, or program a game, or etc etc etc.

As for gaming, well today's consoles are made from obsolete hardware where the PC get's hardware updates all the time. I would wager devs would rather develop a game for the PC but because the market for consoles is larger they gravitate that way. Besides. other than Angry Birds type games who wants to play serious games on a tablet?


I Jedi

Where does this argument hold any water? You're taking a few people, who apparently don't even use technology beyond output purposes, and saying that the entire PC industry is therefore doomed. You offer no concrete evidence to support your entire assertion that PCs are not "necessary" now. I just want to know what person is going to have the patience to type out a 10k word page document for their business on a tiny keyboard attached to a smartphone since apparently laptops are also "gathering dust."

I honestly can't tell if I'm being taken for a walk, or you're being serious about what you've said.




I have to agree with jedi here. I still have plenty of people bringing their home computers/laptops to me for repair. On my side of it, not everyone likes tablets..even the non-gamers.

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