Japanese Team Developing 3D Display



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Although this may be the beginning of 3D in terms of video, it still sounds like a series or 2 dimentional images.  Just as a circle has no points, they would basically have to create a ball to truly display 3D images.  Then again, I'm not an engineer, so I may be wrong.  As we've all seen however (namely in early 3D videogames) movement of the images will most likely have noticable disfiguration/scaling issues.  Once again...my opinion...

 And in response to the first one having porn...mine will probably have porn...rofl...




 This seems pretty amazing, their goal of having a picture of your gf on your desk at work will only work if the unit isnt $xxx,xxx. Time will tell but for now this seems pretty awesome.

 web 3.0? o-o

"we Plan for Tomorrow, but we Live for Today"



10 to 1 the first gCubik movie will be porn.


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