Japanese Firm's Robocop Shoots Nets, Chases Criminals at 6mph



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Got a dead linkie there old man!





ROBOPOPE!!! Loves god, hates crime......."Bud, your in violation of john 3:16...your going to jail!!"



how ironic... a robot that shoots nets to deter criminals made by a country filled with sword-bearing ninjas! just kidding, i love japan! :P


...and what does this have to do with porn?



The Maximum PC lab needs at least 3 of these.  And one for the kitchen, to protect Gordon's coffee mug.

Get an intern on the next jet, or boat, to Japan to make this happen.



don't diss 6MPH, a olimpic gymnist can get atmost 2MPH so this thing is 3 times faster then a olimpiad. And that find for indoor patrols. No one is brining a getaway car into a hallway...without seting off every alarm in the place.



My favorite thing about the internet is how people can just post crap they made up as though it's fact.  Oh wait, that's the part I hate.


A brisk walking pace is about 4MPH, so you must have found your 2MPH "olimpic gymnist" at the Special Olympics.   Most Olympic runners hit speeds in the mid teens (of MPH), and the fastest sprinters hit the low to mid twenties.


So, your average computer geek should be able to outrun a 6mph robot, at least over a short sprint.



ahbut i wasnt talking about runner, cause chances are olimpic runners arent rommic tech firms. im taking about guys doing the balance beam and what not. Which is prety much a good toping point for your average crook.


My point still stands, unless the 2008 olimpic track and field gold medalist is robbing your joint a 6 MPH robot is fast enough.



This is so ridiculous I really feel like I shouldn't even respond...BUT...

 You said, "ahbut i wasnt talking about runner, cause chances are olimpic runners arent rommic tech firms. im taking about guys doing the balance beam and what not."  

Wait...olympic runners aren't rommic (robbing?) tech firms, but guys on balance beams ARE?  And then they run away on balance beams?  And those balance beams slow them down to 2mph? And then the robot can catch them? Seriously?  Is that what you're saying? 

No, you're asserting that the average fleeing crook is probably about as fast as a person on a balance beam.   And that is such a far-fetched apples to oranges comparison that my mind is almost totally boggled right now.  Your comparison makes about as much sense as saying that a person walking on their hands can only go about 2mph, so a person riding a bicycle is probably just about that fast, too.  You are drawing a parallel between people who are in completely different circumstances and who are attempting to accomplish two completely different things.  

No, your point doesn't stand.  Crooks aren't stealing things and then running away on parallel bars or balance beams or pommel horses or still rings or any other piece of gymnastics equipment (the movie Gymkata notwithstanding). They run away on their two feet.  And if an average human can BRISKLY WALK at 4mph, then your assertion that we should judge this whole scenario based on gymnasts on balance beams who can only reach 2 mph (another dubious assertion--where exactly did you get that morsel of information?) is totally absurd. 

However, all of that being said, if you and I were fleeing a crime scene together (briskly walking at this point), and we realized we were being chased by one of these robots, and you said to me, "holy carp, thats on of thoose 6MPH robbots! Ill nvr be abel to outrunn that!" I would not argue with you at all over your choice to turn around and give yourself up to the menacing mechanical enforcer.  I would instead be running away in an adrenaline charged sprint, at probably 10 to 12 mph.



That is one funny ass reply, which I totally agree with. Take a look at the link below that has an article about the human speed. The average speed of an Olympiad is somewhere between 15-20mph. Oh and for your information, the world record speed of a human is right at 30mph. Jeesh.


Metropolis has you.

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